“Establishing e-Training Environment for Training Technical Teachers and Students”
(Creation of 4 Courses)

Project Details
The courseware is designed to provide detailed information for learning the content.  The content is presented with a combination of various multimedia elements (Text, Graphics, Animation, Audio & Video).  The navigational features provided enable the learners to browse through the content seamlessly.  Self-tests are embedded at appropriate instants after content coverage with respect to one or a set of objectives.  With this, the learner would be able to make a self assessment of their learning.  Based on this, they would be able to revisit the content if required. 
The course is introduced by an Expert through a video based lecture demonstration.  In addition to the above, audience is taken through a guided tour of how to use the courseware through a video presentation.

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The four quadrants approach will be adopted for the proposed course development under this project.
  • Identification of Courses
  • Content Structuring
  • Content development for the 4 courses
  • Presentation Design
  • Customization with Moodle
  • Providing Web Link
  • Quality Control
  • Content Updating Mechanism
  • Testing by target group
  • Outcomes of the Project


 S No
Course Title
Course Coordinator
Instructional Objectives and Planning
Dr. D. Brahadeeswaran &
Dr. V P Sivhakumaar
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Prof. S. Pradeep Gnanam &
Dr. V P Sivhakumaar
Data Communication and Networks
Dr.G. Kulanthaivel,
Dr. V P Sivhakumaar &
A.P. Felix Arokiya Raj
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Dr.S. Mohan &
Dr.G. Janardhanan