“Establishing e-Training Environment for Training Technical Teachers and Students”
(Creation of 4 Courses)

Course: Instructional Objectives & Instructional Planning

Target Audience: Teachers of Higher Education Institution intending to improve their teaching competencies.
Course Objectives:
1.0 To understand the components of Instructional System and their inter-relationships.
2.0 To use the Taxonomy of Educational objectives.
3.0 To develop objectives for the course (subject) (s)he is teaching.
4.0 To appreciate the need for two stages of Instructional Planning.
5.0 To develop Instructional Plans for the course (subject) (s)he is teaching.
The courseware is designed to provide detailed information for learning the content. The content as prescribed in the curriculum is structured as below.
• Course Objectives
• Course Plan
• Content Outline
• Unit Objectives
• Modules
• Teaching Points
In general, a set of Teaching Points constitute a lesson. Sometimes, even single Teaching Point may be considered as a lesson. The content treatment is given keeping in view the abilities to be developed in the technical teachers as specified in the objectives.
The courseware is designed to provide detailed information for learning the content. The content is presented with a combination of various multimedia elements (Text, Graphics, Animation, Audio & Video). The navigational features provided enable the learners to browse through the content seamlessly. Self-tests are embedded at appropriate instants after content coverage with respect to one or a set of objectives. With this, the learner would be able to make a self assessment of his / her learning. Based on this, the learner will be able to revisit the content if required. Pre-test and Post-test are provided as optional.
A learner taking the pre-test prior to taking the course and post-test after the course will be able to quantify their learning through the gains.
The course is introduced by an Expert through a video based lecture demonstration. In addition to the above, audience is taken through a guided tour of how to use the courseware through a video presentation.

Resource Persons:
• Dr. D. Brahadeeswaran - SME
• Dr. V P. Sivhakumaar - SME
• Dr. M.V. Srinath - ID
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