“Establishing e-Training Environment for Training Technical Teachers and Students”
(Creation of 4 Courses)

Course: Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Target Audience: Students of Under Graduate Programme in Civil Engineering.
However, the experiments which are common for some Diploma Programmes offered in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have been considered and the list of experiments for the laboratory course has been finalized.
Course Objectives:
1.0 To ensure the quality of water by performing the standard tests.
2.0 To examine the quality of minerals present in water.
3.0 To ensure the hardness of water to be used for industrial applications.
4.0 To examine the amount of disinfectant to be dissolved in water.
5.0 To employ suitable treatment process for purifying wastewater.
The content is structured into fifteen experiments. The laboratory courseware is designed to provide detailed information for learning the content. The content is presented with a combination of various multimedia elements (Text, Graphics, Animation, Audio & Video). The navigational features provided enable the learners to browse through the content seamlessly. Self-tests are embedded appropriately at the end of each experiments. With this, the learner would be able to make a self assessment of their learning. Based on this, they would be able to revisit the content if required.
The experiments are conducted by highly competent technical person. In addition to the above, learner is taken through a guided tour of how to use the courseware.

Resource Persons:

• Dr. S. Mohan - SME
• Dr. G. Janardhanan - SME
• Dr. V P. Sivhakumaar - ID
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