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NITTTR has been offering a Master of Technology (Human Resource Development) [M.Tech. (HRD)]  programme which is affiliated to the University of Madras. This four semester programme is unique in India. It aims to develop professionals to organize HRD programmes in Technical Institutes like Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges, IITs, NITs, Technical Universities, Manufacturing and Service Sector, IT Sector, Public Sector undertakings, and Recruitment and Consultancy Agencies. The programme has been prepared to provide adequate skills in HRM and HRD like recruitment, selection, orientation, performance appraisal, planning, development and implementation of training programmes, preparation of training packages using print and electronic media.  
Our Institute is offering the Master of Technology (Human Resource Development) [M.Tech. (HRD)] as a long-term programme in 2016 – 2018. This M.Tech. (HRD) degree programme is affiliated to the University of Madras.

Programme Goals

Develop appropriate model(s) for planning and development of programmes which are relevant for HRD in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR in the context of globalization. 

Analyze the issues, models and methodologies for designing, implementing and evaluating the curriculum of HRD programmes vis-à- vis the needs of the system.

Generate dependable and workable solutions to problems in such areas as needs analysis, programme planning, courseware development, and organizing human resource development programmes to meet the demands of various sectors of government, industries and services.

Evolve procedures for review, evaluation, and development of policies in HRD in Government / Organized Sectors / technical education sector in order to bring about qualitative improvements in HRD.

Develop models for HRD in Indian Industries / Institutions and develop specialists to undertake various functions in HRD in these industries / institutions.

"Application submission date is extended upto 17.06.2016"

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