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When the Community Polytechnic Scheme was launched in 1976, the MHRD desired that the NITTTRs must provide necessary technical guidance to the polytechnics implementing the Community Polytechnic Scheme and assist the Ministry in monitoring and evaluating the Programmes. Accordingly, the Centre for Rural Development (CRD) was set up in NITTTR, Chennai to cater to the requirements of the Community Polytechnics in the Southern Region.

The broad objectives/main functions of the CRD are:
  • To provide technical and managerial guidance to community polytechnics.
  • To help these polytechnics in planning and implementing, and to the MHRD in monitoring and evaluating the Schemes.
  • To conduct orientation programmes, seminars, workshops, short courses for the project staff.
  • To create a data-base and documentation services in the areas of
Socio-economic survey & planning
Man-Power Development & Training
Transfer of Technology and
Technical Services
  • To coordinate with like-minded organizations/Institutions / departments engaged in rural development and appropriate technologies.
  • To initiate research and development and extension projects for integrated rural development. 
The Centre also
  • Helps the polytechnics in the conduct of socioeconomic survey and in the preparation of annual operational plans.
  • Serves on the advisory Committee Meetings of the Polytechnics.
  • Reviews the progress of the Scheme periodically.
  • Prepares handouts and reference materials for use by the polytechnics.
  • Coordinate with the other NITTTRs, Ministries and National and International Agencies. 
The Centre monitored 237 polytechnics which had implemented the Community polytechnic Scheme in the Southern Region as on 31 July 2007. With the end of the X plan, the Community polytechnic Scheme was closed by the Ministry of HRD on 31 July 2007. As part of revamping of the scheme under the XI plan, the MHRD is reintroducing the Scheme as “Community Development through Polytechnics”. 

Faculty Members

Dr. R. Santhakumar, B.E. (Civil Engg.), M.E. (Struct. Engg.), Ph.D. (Civil Engg.)
Professor & Head

Dr. K.S. Giridharan, B.E., M.Tech.,Ph.D.
Assistant Professor