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Educational Media Centre of our Institute is involved in developing video programs for Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges, Govt. organizations and Industries. The developed video programs are being broadcasted through Gyandarshan, leading national educational television channel sponsored by MHRD Govt. of India. The Centre is equipped with latest software and hardware facilities for video production. The Centre has identified the Learning Materials Development Project, in which the developed video programs are being sent to various educational Institutions in simple VCD format to make the teaching – learning process effective.
The centre has conducted National Workshop on ‘Impact of Media in Technical and Vocational Education from 06th & 07th March 2008 for sharing the importance of technology enabled learning and developing strategies for improving the quality of educational video films. Experts from Gyandarshan, CEMCA, Educational Media Production Centres, NPTEL and EMC faculty of other NITTTRs were delivered lectures in varieties of themes in this workshop. The video films produced by INGOU, EMRCs, NITTTRs were shown to the participants in parallel sessions. Nearly 130 participants all over the country participated actively in this workshop.
The Centre is offering short term staff development training programs like ‘Script Writing & Video Production’ for Polytechnic and Engineering College Teachers. The centre is also offering a subject on ‘Educational Television Production for HRD’ for M.Tech HRD students. The centre is offering a course on “Instructional Video Production” for    overseas Teacher’s programs conducted by various departments of our Institute. About 5 PhD Scholars are working in various areas of Engineering Education offered by University of Madras.
ETV Studio of this centre is acoustically well designed with the state of art facilities for recording audio/video, editing and previewing. Video Cassettes library with nearly 300 master cassettes/ DVD’s arranged systematically for quick retrieval is located inside the ETV Studio. CCTV/Micro Teaching Laboratory attached with this centre is equipped with modern facilities for video recording, editing and play back for assessing the teaching skills of participants attending training programs on Pedagogy. The Graphics & Animation facility is also available in this centre to develop quality video programs.
The future plans of this centre is to produce more quality educational video programs based on the curricular requirements of various Institutions and transmit through latest video streaming technologies like Webcasting, Podcasting and Multicasting to make the teaching learning process interesting in educational Institutions.

Important Facilities   
i) ETV Studio
Non Linear                    - Avid
Editing                         - Canapus
                - Final Cutpro
Linear                          - Beta Cam Recorder & Player
Editing                         - Alladin Pro
                - Bve 2000 Remote Edit Controller
                - Dfs 500 Special Effect Generator
Audio                           - Mixer
                - Cordless Micro Phones
Video Camera                - Digi Camera
                                  - Beta Camera
ii) CCTV/Micro Teaching Lab                   
Projection System
Non linear Editing
MX 50
A/V Distributor                   
CD Writer                       
Wireless Mic System
Plasma Screen
Production Team
L.P.Elbin M.A, D.F.Tech              - Editor
M.Venkatesh Kumar – B.E, M.E  – Engineering Asst.

Faculty Members

Dr. P. Malliga, B.E., M.S. (Software Systems), M.S. (Research), Ph.D.
Sr.System Analyst & Head In-charge

Shri A. P. Felix Arokiya Raj, B.Sc., D.F.Tech., M.Sc.
Assistant Professor