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The courseware is designed to provide detailed information for learning the content. The content as prescribed in the curriculum is structured as below.

· Course Objectives

· Course Plan

· Content Outline

· Unit Objectives

· Modules

· Teaching Points

The content is presented with a combination of various multimedia elements (Text, Graphics, Animation, Audio & Video). The navigational features provided enable the learners to browse through the content seamlessly. Self-tests are embedded at appropriate instants after content coverage with respect to one or a set of objectives. With this, the learner would be able to make a self assessment of their learning. Based on this, they would be able to revisit the content if required.

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Available Courses

  • This theory course deals with components of instructional system, taxonomy of educational objectives, development of instructional objectives, instructional planning and preparation of instructional plans
  • This theory course deals with rules and algorithms in generating graphical outputs, development of 3D objects using transformation, architecture of designing multimedia systems, issues related to file handling and hypermedia standards in developing multimedia applications.

  • This theory course deals with concepts of data communication, modulation techniques, different types of transmission media, network devices, error detection and correction in transmission of data, concept of flow control, error control, LAN protocols and network management systems.

  • This skill course deals with ensuring quality of water by performing standard tests, examining the quality of minerals present in water, ensuring the hardness of water and examining the amount of disinfectants to be added to water.The e-content contains general precaution to be followed in the laboratory along with the sampling techniques, explanation of the procedure for testing of water and analysis of the waste water.

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